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Marketing for accountants: the top strategies in 2022

Apr 27, 2022 | Tips

You may run one of the best accounting firms in town. You might have the best software, the finest employees and a solid standing in the market. This can all be wasted if you don’t continually improve on your marketing strategy. While marketing to accountants can seem alien, nailing your strategy is crucial to business success.

Let’s break down the top marketing strategies for accountants in 2022.

Redefine your accounting firm’s value proposition and brand message

Hot Tip: This is exceptionally important and will underpin the entirety of your marketing content and messaging.

Before you embark on any marketing endeavour, you need to define your value proposition and brand message.

The questions accounting firms need to ask:

  • What sets you apart?
  • Why choose your accounting services over the competition?
  • What are your specialties?
  • What are your values?
  • How will you align your services with a client’s needs?

Once you’ve answered these, you should at least come up with two things:

1)      A master statement: This is a longform distillation of the above.

2)      A master message: a short one sentence distillation of the above.

You can now refer to these when writing website copy, case studies, social media messages and the like.

Hot Tip: Beg borrow and steal from other accounting firms. Not literally, but research how your competitors created a brand message or value proposition for some hints.


What marketing worked and what didn’t in 2021?

How did your firm’s digital marketing go in 2021? Its time to get real and do a retrospective analysis.

Login to your social accounts, Google analytics, website backend and email tools to discover your best and worst performing:

  • Social posts – including the variety and channel
  • Email open rates
  • Click throughs
  • Ad spend and ROI
  • Demographics
  • Website clicks

With this data, the directive is clear – double down on what’s working and ditch the rest. If you had a woeful ad – look at the copy and imagery and never repeat it. If you had one style of social post beating the rest – do more of them.


Social media marketing for accountants

In today’s technological age social media will depend greatly upon the audience. You need to pick which channels to focus on and what to post where.

For example, when posting a topical blog, Facebook caters to the creative, while LinkedIn is more suitable for professional content such as thought leadership. Twitter is excellent for quick links and professional points, while Instagram should be preserved for more social imagery.

In 2022 it’s prudent to create a content mix that combines link posts, blogs, advertising, imagery, video and webinars or interviews, and then posting them in the right place.

Hot Tip: always try to do ‘A/B’ testing to refine your social media posts.


Get blogging

Never neglect the value, power and versatility of blog content in your marketing strategy. Blogs are essential for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, while also displaying that your ‘finger’s on the pulse’ of accounting relevant issues.

Furthermore, quality blogs can be promoted as in-depth content across your social media channels and populate your content for activities like newsletters.

Blogs should absolutely be a regular part of an accounting firm’s content creation.


Partner in webinars

Webinars can be very effective ways of promoting your expertise and skills, while also providing quality lessons and instruction to your client base. It’s also an excellent way to retain clients by continually providing value.

By locating industry partners that can enhance your webinars with niche knowledge and expertise, you can split the effort of webinar creation and reach multiple audiences.


Spin up a podcast

Podcasts are hot property for 2022 and many companies and accounting firms have not dipped their toes yet. Why not?

They’re popular, inexpensive, long form, and can be consumed passively as people work or commute.

Podcasts provide a platform for in depth interviews or thought leadership. Better yet, podcasts humanise and add character to an accounting firm, acting to create the personality and tone of your brand that forges connections.

It’s not as hard as you think to host and launch a podcast.


Professionally design your accounting firm website

Your website is the gravitational center of all digital marketing activities.

It doesn’t matter how adept you are at your marketing efforts if your home page is a letdown.

The first rule of a website is that it’s never complete. It’s an evolving perpetual exercise in incremental improvement.

Here are a few more website rules you should be aware of:

1)      Have your value proposition and key messaging front and center

2)      Keep the design clean and uncluttered.

3)      Have a point to each page – whether it’s a call to action or simple and actionable information.

4)      Make contact simple – have multiple contact methods which are easily found

5)      Spend time optimising for SEO

6)      Regularly audit the site for speed and mobile friendliness

7)      Have specific landing pages for your marketing posts and ads


Include lead magnets on your website

Lead magnets are a vital tool to attract customers to their websites in return for their e-mail and contact information. Examples for a lead magnet include downloadable videos and eBooks. Having key content pieces available for those who offer contact details is a sure fire way to gather hot leads.


Live stream Q&A marketing for accountants

Live Q&A’s are another hot avenue for 2022. With our recent adeptness at Teams and Zoom meetings, you don’t need to do much extra to record an interaction with an in-house or exterior subject matter expert.

Keeping it informal and ‘live’ will increase your level of trust as clients see live interactions as extremely genuine and trustworthy without the polished bells and whistles of post-production.

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