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Why are we rebranding to APS?

Sep 11, 2019 | News, Tips

As many of you know, APS has been a part of Reckon family for many years, serving the top advisors and accounting firms Australia has to offer.  The Reckon story has always been “accounting software for businesses and business software for accountants.”

The APS accountant focus

This won’t change. However the line between the two markets will now be brought into sharp relief to provide clarity of purpose and clarity of function.

What will change is the separation of these two markets and a sharper more focused message to our core supporters – Accountants.

We are achieving this not by splitting the groups but by treating them as separate entities in a shared organisation.

While the Reckon brand will remain focused on helping small business clients achieve success, the APS brand will become a more simple and straight forward entity which aims purely to provide “business software for accountants”.

APS is sharpening their focus by separating business activities with the Reckon Business Group – who offer software for small businesses such as Reckon One – from the core APS business of providing unmatched solutions and services to Australia’s top Accounting firms.

APS is for accountants alone, with no small business concern, and our brand has been sharpened to reflect this.

This is less a change of direction and more a clarification to the market who we are, what we do and who we represent – accountants.

The differentiator

Our key competitors, who similarly bridge the gap between business and accounting, in fact have entirely different aims to that of APS.

Some of the current major players in the accounting software game are essentially utilising accountants to facilitate their primary business aim – small business software.

To get there, there is appeasement of the accountant base but with a disguised purpose – the aim is to eventually take the small business clients themselves and provide their own accounting services to those clients.

We operate differently.

APS has a clear and singular purpose – to provide the best service, solutions and support humanly possible to help accounting firms run successful, profitable and highly professional accounting firms.

By making a clear separation between the two markets and our brands, we make clear our audience, our priorities and our intent – with no cross contamination from differing aims.

We are excited about our renewed focus under the APS banner and will continue to help major accounting firms achieve growth, modernity and perpetual success.

To find out more about APS software, visit www.aps-software.com.

APS is a division of Reckon, an ASX listed company. We develop the software used by the best Accounting Firms in Australia and New Zealand to run their business’ and advise their clients.