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Why Peak Chartered Accountants are so tech-positive

All Blog > The world of work is constantly changing – and its acceleration over the past two years has ensured that we need to adapt and meet the needs of a changing workplace. For professional services like accounting, at its core, the modern workplace is an... read more

How accountants can use creative thinking at work

All Blog > When we talk about ‘creative thinking’, the accounting profession is probably not the first industry that comes to mind. There’s a view that accounting firms are purely engaged in rigid compliance work with zero room for creativity. This view can even... read more

Why AI will always need humans

All Blog > Contrary to long-held assumptions that the introduction of artificial intelligence into the workplace would lead to mass redundancies and permanently high unemployment rates, AI has instead taken industries like accounting and financial services to new... read more

Top considerations for leveraging analytics in your firm

All Blog > Integrating artificial intelligence and predictive analytics solutions into your firm should be approached in the same way as other major overhauls, such as an organisation’s digital transformation. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t be surprised if... read more

How your accounting firm can up their social media game

All Blog > Has your accounting firm done everything it can to fully exploit the power of social media marketing? Ask yourself the following: Does your advisory firm have a documented social media strategy? Are you future proofing your firm through social media... read more

Making your accounting practice a great place to work

All Blog > Providing meaningful employment to professionals and servicing client’s needs – while also maintaining a profitable practice – are prominent aims. But there’s more to running an accounting practice than just ticking boxes for the sake of it. You also... read more

5 emerging AI trends for accountants

All Blog > For several years now, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics have been supporting accounting firms in a variety of ways. Their inherent value is clear, so where does that leave the human element? The good news is that AI is not going to take... read more

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