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How can a business protect their customer’s data?

All Blog > Protecting your customer’s data has become a huge focus in recent years. With major breaches of customer data happening to big names like Deloitte, Facebook and Under Armour, and with our local Notifiable Data Breaches scheme launching and Europe’s... read more

Treading lightly – how to manage difficult clients

All Blog > Managing a difficult client is a process that brings a bit of pain but can ultimately reward you with repeat business, word of mouth expansion, a profitable client and a set of tools you can use for future difficult clients.  On the flip side, extremely... read more

Making Tax Digital – how can your clients benefit

All Blog > Making Tax Digital (MTD) is knocking at the door for businesses across the UK. If you need to get a handle on what these VAT  changes are and what they mean, see our introduction blog to MTD. As a bookkeeper, accountant or business adviser you will no... read more

How to grow your advisory business

All Blog > Growing an advisory business can be hard work, no doubt. There are no true shortcuts to this, yet at the same time there are measurable and incremental ways you can start this growth in earnest. So what are a few of the low hanging fruits you can pluck... read more

World changing Australian inventions

All Blog > Recently we did a piece on weird Aussie inventions looking at a few of the lesser known innovations Aussies have brought into the world. Well, Australians are certainly a crafty bunch so let’s take a look at some of the most mainstream and world-changing... read more

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