Future work practices in accounting:

Predictions for the coming years and the challenges ahead

For years, technology has slowly but surely transformed the traditional accounting sector into a digital-ready industry. But saddled with these changes have been major disruptions, from economic downturns to global pandemics.

We’re witnessing the rebirth of accounting, and firms need to adapt to these changes or risk becoming redundant. The message is clear: firms must more streamlined, digital transformations must be accelerated, and the increasing demands of both customers and candidates must be met.

Download our whitepaper to learn how – and why – market forces are affecting the accounting sector, and what firms are doing to leverage these disruptions to their advantage.

Key takeaways:

  • How the accounting industry has transformed in 2020: What the COVID disruption wrought and a more positive future awaits.
  • Changes to management: The ins and outs of managing staff remotely.
  • Benefits and changes to productivity: A new meaning to ‘time at desk’ and positive technology trends.
  • Hiring opportunities: Candidates are more demanding and firms must stay vigilant.
  • Client story Pitcher Partners: An easy transition thanks to APS and predictions for what’s on the horizon.
  • IT and infrastructure: The cost benefits of remote work and potential security threats to IT.
  • The role of customers: Meeting new demands and monitoring business advisory trends.
  • Digital and technical transformations: Cloud-based tools provide unmatched benefits and time is accelerating for transformations.

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