How the rise of AI and predictive analytics is changing the numbers game

Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics (PA) are already transforming the accounting sector – whether you’re ready for the change or not.

Given the data-rich nature of accounting and finance, firms are well placed to take advantage of the true benefits of both AI and PA. Best of all, these technologies are evolving to support accountants rather than replace them. But you need to choose your tools wisely.

Whitepaper: The final frontier of accounting - How the rise of AI and predictive analytics is changing the numbers game

Download our whitepaper today to uncover the inherent benefits of both AI and PA, as well as key insights and practical knowledge for how to integrate them into your firm.

Key takeaways:

  • Ready or not, AI and predictive analytics are here to stay:  The potential to do more with the resources you have.
  • Understanding AI and PA: How the Big Four players are leveraging it.
  • Emerging trends and the changing state of firms: What can humans add to the data that robots can’t?
  • Understanding the barriers: AI and PA are a living, breathing solutions that require regular maintenance.
  • How will accounting roles change: The mindset of ‘routine work’ shifts to ‘strategic thinking’.
  • Client story: How Pitcher Partners Sydney are leveraging data.
  • What to consider when using analytics in your firm: Numbers are the lifeblood of the accounting profession.

Download this whitepaper today.

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