How trends in cybersecurity will impact accountants

The changing scale and nature of cybercrime means every business is now a potential target – not least of which accounting firms and financial services organisations.

Even before COVID-19 turned the traditional office model on its head, the cost of global cybercrime was predicted to reach AUD$13.46 trillion annually by 2025. Now, with remote-work challenges putting further strain on firms, decision-makers are realising that their traditional protections won’t hold up against a significant cyberattack.

Download our whitepaper today to discover the very real risks facing accounting firms today, as well as the tools you need to bolster your cyber defences and protect against a growing horde of threat actors.

Key takeaways:

  • The changing nature of cybercrime:  Not only financial sector, every business is now a potential target.
  • Cybersecurity for accounting firms: The state of play and a wealth of exposures.
  • Understanding cybersecurity risks for accounting firms: From Data theft, Malware/ransomware and Phishing to the fallout.
  • Managing recent trends: What you need to know and to watch out for this year and beyond.
  • The value of investing in security: The real cost of doing nothing and where you should be investing in.
  • How APS rode out the COVID disruption: Get inspired and plan for the future.

Download this whitepaper today.

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