View & track insights and KPI indicators at a glance

Practice IQ sits over your Practice Management solution, extracting the information and presenting it visually through smart dashboards. Your data is easier to understand, making it easy to analyse and track KPIs, prioritise tasks and monitor firm performance.

 practice insights at a glance with smart dashboards
Tax Price Insights reporting

Track, compare & visualise tax reporting

With Practice IQ sitting over your APS Tax module you can get crucial visibility over your tax reporting. With templates available for key tax metrics, your firms can see tax returns by status, type, and make year on year comparisons to see how you’re tracking.

Access your information anywhere, anytime

Best practice BI templates allow you to connect and visualise your data anywhere, anytime. The BI templates are available for you to easily access to ensure you’re always on top of your business activity at any given time.

Access your information anywhere, anytime
Access your information anywhere, anytime

Improve staff productivity with bought & sold time reporting

Gain insights into critical staff and team productivity metrics to understand the staff split across billable and internal hours worked. These insights can be sliced across a variety of different dimensions, including assessing chargeable hours or write offs by the manager of a job, the partner or the business department.

Easily extract data for detailed reporting

Paired with Excel, Practice IQ forms the ultimate reporting tool for staff at every level. Slice and dice information with ready-made templates available or create reports tailored to your firm. The intranet platform features a drill-through capability that offers a deeper understanding of data relationships.

Easily extract data for detailed reporting
Access your information anywhere, anytime

Drill down into your clients, CRM & pipeline to maximise growth

The Client 360 solution consolidates all available relevant data against individual clients, with summaries by Family Group. Dashboard and summary formats present a complete picture of clients and your pipeline enabling you to track opportunities by month, YTD or make comparisons to see how your firm is tracking.

So many reasons to love APS Practice IQ

Smart dashboards

Smart dashboards

Get insights at a glance with your KPI data presented as smart dashboards and summaries.
easy reporting

Industry-leading reporting

Best in class firm reporting helps you extract information from your firm to deliver results internally and for clients.

ad-hoc analysis

Drill-down reporting

Connect PIQ with Excel & Power BI templates to slice and dice your data and analyse it in further detail.

“We believe APS Practice IQ is a critical vehicle for us to be able to provide insights not just internally, but also externally to better support our clients.”

James Allen, Partner at Bentleys SA

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