Annature Overview

Annature is a leading electronic signature, ID verification and payment solution in Australia and New Zealand for small and enterprise businesses and works seamlessly with APS Practice Management software to deliver a solution that compliments your existing business processes. By integrating Annature directly with APS Practice Management, firms will gain more functionality in the one platform. They will no longer need to manually enter a client’s email address and mobile number into Annature. Instead, the integration eliminates the need for e-signing manual data entry as the client details are automatically synced between Annature and APS’s Practice Management solution.

When e-signatures are combined with a comprehensive audit trial, tamper-proof digital certificate, and world-class security; electronic signatures are more enforceable than wet signatures. Annature also delivers a complete ISO 27001 certified Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution built on blockchain technology.

Annature Key features

Custom branding

Add your logo and company name throughout your customer’s signing experience, including emails, text messages, and signing pages.

Envelope templates

Set up commonly used documents once with signature, date, and text fields. Use them with the click of a button for quick sending.

Team management

Create accounts for all individuals in your organisation, assign administrators to view and manage all documents sent by all accounts.

Flexible workflows

Send documents to one or many people to sign simultaneously, or in a specific order. Carbon copy (cc) recipients can also be included.

Status notifications

Get email notifications when important events occur on your documents, such as when a recipient opens, views, and signs.

Audit trail

Each document contains a comprehensive log of each recipient’s name, email address, IP address, and a timestamp for all events that occur.



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