Cloudland Overview

Cloudland is a leading NZ owned cloud services provider that sets the standard for technology, capability and commitment to delivery and offers a fully managed, secure desktop-as-a-service solution. With just a few clicks you can deploy high-quality IT workspaces and run APS Accountants’ Workspace in its full potential for your employees.

Rest easy knowing all of your backups, anti-virus, software updates, disaster recovery and security are taken care of. Best of all, your cloud subscription is fully customised to your needs. Cloudland provides you with the flexibility to ramp-up or scale-back use and costs as required. You can ‘pay as you use’ and access any device, anytime, anywhere.

Cloudland Key features

Single sign on access

Remove the tedium of many sign-ins across multiple apps and solutions, the APS Accountants’ Workspace gives you a more intelligent way of organising and accessing your tools through single sign-on (SSO).

Cloud based

With the remote work revolution in full swing, it’s common practice for firms to enable team members access to essential Practice Management tools and documents from anywhere in the world.

Live reporting

The integrated dashboards tab in APS Accountants’ Workspace grants live in-practice and insight reporting. The live reporting solution is customisable and you can tailor these reporting dashboards according an individual team member.

Flexible permissions

Create bespoke permissions which automatically adapt the dashboard inclusions to your individual team member’s logins. This ensures that certain applications, documents, and information are available to the right people.

Microsoft Office integration

A workspace with Microsoft Office Suite integration. In a single dashboard you’ll have SharePoint for document management, Outlook for emails, and Power BI’s data visualisation capabilities for practice reporting, including billing and timesheets.

Set up in minutes

No need to learn a new system, or to upgrade and invest in new applications. It doesn’t matter if you’re using legacy software or the latest, everything can be integrated. Simply bring across all your existing applications, but in a way that maximises efficiencies!



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