Fathom Overview

Proudly part of The Access Group, Fathom provides you with the tools you need to accelerate business success. Get access to relevant insights and help clients with management reporting and cash flow forecasting and be an integral part of their business success. Make an impact by advising your clients in valuable ways and help them make better business decisions with less time spend on number-crunching, and more time consulting with your clients.

Fathom Key features

Gain insights into business performance

Explore your clients’ performance and share key findings using the Financial Analysis tools.

Deliver reports your clients will love

Craft personalized management reports which present numbers beautifully and give insights needed for informed decision making.

Fast and accurate cash flow forecasts

Help your clients to plan for the future with three-way cash flow forecasts. Easily model different scenarios and then report against plan.

Streamline your workflows

Create custom management reports in minutes. Then share or schedule your reports to ensure that your clients receive regular performance reports.

Customize reports to match your brand

Design professional looking management reports which put your brand at the forefront.

Effortlessly consolidate multiple entities

Need to create reports for a multi-company business? Easily group related companies together to create consolidated financial statements and reports.



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