FeeSynergy Overview

Accounting firms with skilled collections staff need great technology solutions to enable them to collect cash faster and more efficiently. FeeSynergy Collect is a unique and powerful cloud-based Debtor Management Solution that is integrated with APS practice management software to automate the process of chasing clients to pay your invoices, and dramatically reduce average debtor days and free up cash. FeeSynergy Collect is a low cost, high value, end to end system that will transform any accounting practice.

FeeSynergy Key features

Online payment arrangements

Invoices and automated email reminders incorporate an instalment payment arrangement option which clients can easily elect.

Partner & manager dashboard

Provide real time insights and analytics into the firms’ debtors, with transparency to the complete debtor ledger and a granular view at partner level.

Integrated direct debits

Enable users to easily set up and manage Direct Debit arrangements via bank account or credit/debit cards in a flexible and secure environment.

Engagement letters & proposals

The process of issuing and maintaining annual engagement letters and proposals with encrypted digital signatures and bank approved Direct Debit option.

Client self-serve invoicing & statements

Client’s can view with a single click all of their outstanding invoices and statement of account in real time.

Credit insights

Provides accounting firms with a unique view into the payment behaviour and credit worthiness of the firm’s clients with built in Equifax credit scoring technology.

Engagement & Debtors


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