FuseDocs Overview

FuseDocs is the smart robotic process automation platform for accountants, financial planners and professional services businesses. When you integrate FuseDocs with your practice management and document management platforms you can prepare an entire annual report package collation in a matter of seconds and give your team back their most valuable resource – time

FuseDocs Key features

Document collation

Collate document report packages including annual client collations, audits, legal, records of advice and many more.

Cut down on admin

Automate repetitive admin work around document collation and let your staff focus on what matters.

Add markups or comments

Mark up documents with comments or highlights – perfect for paperless reviewing.

Fully customisable

FuseDocs report collations are completely customisable – from the documents you want included through to formatting.

Standardise report packs

Standardise your processes across teams or locations and prepare professional report packs that are easy for your clients to read and navigate.

Free support

When you subscribe to FuseDocs you have access to their comprehensive online help desk, or email and phone support with 24 hours response times.



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“Implementing FuseDocs and FuseSign has literally shaved days off the finalisation of that process and produced less back and forth between teams.”

Sally Black – Office Manager at McCulloch & Partners

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