SimpleInvest360 Overview

By connecting SimpleInvest360 from BGL with APS Practice Management you take the hassle out of compliance, reduce time and eliminate risks by managing critical client information through a two-way connection. Removing duplicate data entry, providing efficiency gains and improving the visibility of data and documents. It also ensures client details are kept up to date and help you to ensure you have a seamless and efficient experience.

SimpleInvest360 Key features

Investment Accounting

Providing for automated Australian capital gains transactions, depreciation and GST recording, calculation and reporting.

Accounting Workpapers

Automated accounting workpapers and improves accuracy of CGT records with notifications.

Support for all Entities

View all SMSFs, Trusts, Companies and Individuals in one easy to use platform with a unified set of financials and CGT records.

Assets module

Boasts a robust fully integrated investment register and depreciable assets module.

Corporate Actions

Notifies users of which ASX corporate actions have taken place throughout the Financial Year.

Compliance Software


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APS Practice Management



“APS is one of Australia’s leading Practice Management solutions. The integration means BGL and APS clients can now automatically sync contacts two-ways in CAS 360, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 with APS Practice Management.”

RonLesh – Managing Director at BGL

Connect to BGL’s SimpleInvest360 and streamline CGT compliance management.

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