Xeppo Overview

Xeppo is a world-first tool for financial advisors, business advisors and accountants. With the Xeppo integration you get a complete view of all of a client’s moving financial parts in a single dashboard, even if they are stored in separate specialist systems, enabling advisors to build stronger client relationships and drive business growth.

  • Review and fix data discrepancies and invalid data entries that exist in your systems
  • Look at a single view of the client that shows all of the information you know about them
  • Based on your own criteria from all of the different system, apply segmentation to your clients (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

When it comes to finding opportunities to cross sell services to your existing clients, nothing does it better or quicker than Xeppo. If you know the criteria that you would need to know about a client to offer them a service, you can very easily build a list of clients that meet that criteria within Xeppo.  For example, Xeppo can produce for you a list of clients that:

a)  Are over 40 (drawn from APS Practice Management)
b)  Have a taxable income of over $75,000 (drawn from APS Tax)
c)  Have a SMSF balance of over $500,000 (drawn from Class/BGL)
d)  Don’t have life insurance (drawn from Xplan)

Once you have the list, you could run an email campaign (Xeppo integrates with MailChimp) to generate interest within your clients, or even start calling them to offer them a new service. If the client shows interest in that new service, you can track the progress of that opportunity and see how much potential new revenue you have in the pipeline.

Xeppo Key features

Connect your data

Xeppo connects your client data with your APS Practice Management software, to derive valuable insights into your business within a cloud-based environment.

Single view of clients

Xeppo auto-matches your client data, continually collecting information from multiple sources and bringing it together into a single view of a client.

Unlocking opportunities and insights

Xeppo’s sales and marketing tools can help you track and manage opportunities across your client base while our reporting tools, including Power BI, can help you unlock revenue insights and growth.

Collates data from multiple sources

Xeppo connects and collects information from a wide range of financial services based cloud and on-premise applications. It not only sources the data, but keeps it up-to-date so you always have the latest information at hand.

Data Integrity


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