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Oct 7, 2019 | News

Reckon APS is proud to announce an important strategic partnership with Simpler Tax aimed at arming accountants with the sharpest tools possible to better serve their clients.

Simpler Tax offer amazingly useful tools designed to allow accounting firms to assist taxpayers and their advisors to make informed decisions about their tax affairs and to reduce the risk of an ATO audit.

APS has always had a proud legacy of directly developing world class accounting software for leading accounting firms. This will never change. We realise however that when we see a truly stand out solution and company to work with, we don’t hesitate to be able to offer our valued clients the most highly functional solutions possible.

Simpler Tax represents one such standout organisation. As Dave Francis notes on the partnership:

“For the past 25 years Reckon has prided itself in developing tax compliance solutions that now form the most feature rich solution on the market.  However, as we transition our solutions into the cloud we recognize that there is the opportunity to work together with other innovative software companies to leverage ideas and share technologies to provide our clients with deeper insights into the data and identify areas to be more proactive and add value to taxpayers.  Simpler Tax have an innovative and simple to use product that adds significant value, and we already share many mutual clients, so it’s a natural fit.”

How does Simpler Tax work?

The Simpler Deductions product from Simpler Tax is designed so that accountants can give the most accurate compliance advice possible to their clients – and avoid an audit.

The solution essentially enables accounting firms to compare the data of the individual return with known ATO benchmarks in real time.

Executed discretely (without submitting to the ATO), this report provides the advisor with advice on all proposed deductions from the client and how they compare, including those that are lower than expected.

What this means is that new and improved services can be offered which will provide more comprehensive and accurate tax advice, including the option for the taxpayer to reduce their risk through additional services including Audit Insurance.

Should your clients be concerned about audits?

Increasingly so, yes. The ATO have decided in recent years to slow down on corporate focuses and retrain their focus on individuals and small businesses.

Square in the crosshairs of the ATO is higher than expected work-related expense claims  – this is evaluated by comparing taxpayers with their peers in similar jobs, earning similar amounts of income.

This means greater scrutiny of claims and greater chances of audits and non-compliance – creating a very attractive need for a solution such as Simpler Tax.

This approach is supported by Mark Peterson, Director of accounting firm Marked Focus in Melbourne.

“Being a user of Simpler Deductions, this innovative tool allows my practice to have meaningful discussions with clients about their expense claims. If claims are higher than the norm, we have the opportunity to dig deeper to ensure that clients are making claims that are acceptable. Also, if client claims are below the average, we can identify any expense claims that have been overlooked, ensuring clients claim what they are entitled to.”

The alliance between Reckon and Simpler Tax is just one example of Reckon’s philosophical shift in thinking and direction for the future.

For firms looking to take advantage of this integration, or to learn more about Simpler Tax, APS & Elite follow the link below and a representative will be in touch.

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