Looking to cut ATO document processing by 90%? Meet our newest partner ATOmate…

Sep 18, 2019 | Technology

Accountants rejoice! Reckon and ATO mate have combined forces to radically reduce ATO oriented administration tasks.

The ATO admin burden

As accountants, we are probably more than aware of the administrative burden placed on practices by the ATO. They are quite onerous and time consuming, no?

Across the country, Accounting firms utilise vast amounts of time preparing, processing, receiving and checking ATO forms on behalf of tax paying clients. This is just the way it is.

The process is most often paper-based and manual, thus requiring cumbersome, expensive and error-prone busy work. This takes time, staff, money and effort. But what is the reward? Virtually nothing.

This extra ATO admin costs both you and your client while delivering little in terms of ROI, cashflow or any significant value for either of you.

The ATOmate solution

But ATO form handling and administration is part of the deal, right?

Absolutely not – this is no longer part of the deal, in fact we have a new deal. The new deal is thus: ATO mate will handle these thankless time-devouring tasks from here on in. Thank you very much.

“ In fact, a task that once took up a vast amount of time is now fully automated, and has reduced processing time by nearly 90%”

So how does ATOmate fit into an Accounting firm? As a modern software tool which easily integrates with APS and Elite suites,  ATOmate is designed with cutting edge AI to sort and process all of your client’s Notice of Assessments, Statements of Accounts and Tax Debts. The entire process is automated and decimates ‘lackey work’ for your talented employees – after all they have better things to do.

“With the ability to bulk scan multiple types of ATO documents at once, or download files from the ATO Portal, the solution is capable of identifying the documents, and managing each according to their type. Not only this, but ATOmate automatically redacts each client’s TFN, allowing ATO documents to be automatically emailed to clients without any security risk.” – Tony Douglas

Furthermore, the solution flags documents which display irregularities and need to be assessed by a skilled staff member (a far better use of their time). After your initial use, the benefits of ATOmate should be readily apparent, with time and money savings now spent on value adding, customer service and profit generating tasks – the important stuff.

From real practices

Jovic Accounting firm

Jovic Accounting firm was experiencing a highly familiar issue and were regularly hamstrung by tedious administration, which was, for lack of a better term, wasting everybody’s time.

For Jovic Accounting, this ATO document process involved:

  1. Manually sorting the documents into batches
  2. Manually checking them against the estimations in the Reckon Practice Management System
  3. Manually blocking out the client’s Tax File Number, before
  4. Finally sending the documents onto each client one-by-one. A long and time-consuming task!
It now takes less than 10 minutes to process over 20 ATO documents, which is a daily task that once used to take over an hour to complete.

Kennedy King Chartered Accountants

Accounting firm Kennedy King were similarly snowed in by mountains of manual paperwork which seemed like such an avoidable time vortex – and it was.
“A vast amount of time was spent processing, checking and distributing ATO documents to our clients. Our administration staff would spend numerous hours doing this time-consuming, tedious task.” – Steve (Director of Kennedy King Chartered Accountants)
Keen to have their staff spend more time in client facing roles – the most valuable way to spend time – Kennedy King deployed ATOmate.
Now, ATO documents are simply bulk scanned in and ATOmate takes care of the processing, filing, redacting and sending of ATO documents.
“ATOmate allows our admin staff to spend less time processing ATO documents and more time contacting and communicating directly with clients.” – Steve (Director of Kennedy King Chartered Accountants)


For firms looking to harness the power of automation to streamline compliance processes and to meet the requirements of new data security laws, the ATOmate solution is available now.

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