Cut ATO document processing time by up to 90%

Streamline the processing, checking, and distribution of ATO documentation.

The Smarter Way of Doing Business

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and tedious task of processing ATO documents. Our solution automatically compares ATO documents to the estimation in your practice management system – before validating them, filing them and sending them onto the client. If there’s a discrepancy, the solution sends the notice of assessment straight to you, or your team, for further investigation and action.

The process is simple and the outcomes are unquestionable. With the ability to bulk scan multiple types of ATO documents at once, or download files from the ATO Portal, the solution is capable of identifying the documents, and managing each according to their type. Not only this, but our solution automatically redacts each client’s TFN, allowing ATO documents to be automatically emailed to clients without any security risk.

A task that once took up a vast amount of your time is now effortlessly automated. That valuable time can now be redirected to building upon the relationships with your clients. Communication lines are stronger and client discussions are now opportune.

Looking to cut ATO document processing by 90%? Meet our newest partner ATOmate…

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Reduce manual data entry

Improve customer engagement and relationships

Reduce time taken to process ATO documents by up to 90%

Download or bulk scan multiple types of ATO documents at once

Automate the processing, checking and distribution of ATO documents

Meet the new data security laws

There has been a huge time and cost saving having the ability to email ATO related documents directly to clients and the processing time to validate each document is much quicker than Kofax.

Andrew McLean

IT Manager / Consultant, PinnacleHPC Accountants

ATOmate allows our admin staff to spend less time processing ATO documents and more time contacting and communicating directly with clients.


Director, Kennedy King Chartered Accountants

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