Streamlines the management of Companies, Trusts and AML/CFT compliance for NZ firms

Connectworks is designed to provide all of the tools a professional firm needs to improve the management and compliance of companies and trusts, and to meet their AML/CFT obligations.

The comprehensive solution

Connectworks is a new way to fulfil compliance obligations and streamline company secretarial tasks for NZ companies. Professional firms can access over 280 up-to-date templates, a comprehensive share management system and direct integration with the Companies Office. The software also offers a solution for managing trusts, charitable trusts and estates. The full governance and compliance solution includes AML/CFT functionality with online ID verification. As a complete cloud application, Connectworks provides secure access for all related parties 24/7 to review and approve documentation from wherever they are in the world. Watch this short video to see an overview of all of the key features in action.

Modern cloud-based entity management software


A unique and modern software system that streamlines company secretarial tasks and ensures compliance.


A solution for managing trusts, trustee companies and estates while improving the compliance and management of these entities.


An easy solution to meet your firm’s AML/CFT obligations. Manage the entire process in one place from CDD checks to detailed reporting.


With APS and Connectworks as part of your team, create efficiencies, reduce risk of inconsistency between systems, and provide a better client experience.

Streamlining tasks

Connectworks delivers Reminders, workflows and multi-party access to streamline company management.

Templates and document management

Connectworks contains all the precedents, checklists and minutes you’ll ever need plus auto-merge functionality.

Fulfilling compliance and more

Connectworks helps deliver all the requirements of the registered office and help client with tasks to earn fees.

Secure storage and easy access

Connectworks delivers secure storage for all important information plus easy access from anywhere with Internet.

Companies office integrations

Fast e-file annual return at a cheaper rate. Update director/shareholder details and more.

Comprehensive shareholder management

Meet the requirements of a compliant share register and streamline tasks.

Flexible and convenient signing and approvals

Electronic signatures are established and convenient, but you don’t have to use them.

Setup is easy

Publicly available data and documents can be imported in seconds. We also have systems and people available to aid additional loading.

The integrated solution from APS not only gives us productivity gains but also allows us visibility on all aspects of our business.
Matthew Hung


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