We enable accounting firms to get paid faster

Even accounting firms with skilled collections staff need great technology solutions to enable them to collect cash faster and more efficiently. FeeSynergy’s complete debtor management system has been purpose built for accounting firms to provide the best overall solution.

Does your firm need a debtor management system?

Here are 6 of the most common complaints we hear from accounting firms. Do any of these describe your firm? If so, your firm needs a debtor management system.

  • We’ve 14 day trading terms however our average debtor days are usually over 42 days.
  • Our collections team is great however they struggle to keep on top of our debtors.
  • No one follows up the debtors when our collections person is away.
  • We don’t enjoy following up clients for payment.
  • Our partners don’t have real time visibility or access to accurate debtor ledger data.
  • We don’t really make it easy or convenient for our customers to pay us.

Monthly payment options

Payment Gateway

Collect Debtor Management System

Monthly payment options

FeeSynergy’s monthly payment facility is utilised by hundreds of accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand. Every year thousands of businesses of all sizes and from all industries choose to pay their accounting bills using FeeSynergy.

  • Enables the firm’s clients to pay by the due date
  • Client signs simple agreement to pay invoiced amount in equal monthly instalments over an agreed term
  • FeeSynergy pays the full invoice amount to the firm within 5 days
  • FeeSynergy do all the work managing the monthly direct debits

Firms that offer FeeSynergy’s monthly payment option to their clients will achieve significant reduction in average debtor days.

FeeSynergy Payment Gateway

Since its release in 2016, FeeSynergy’s Payment Gateway has revolutionised online payments for the accounting industry.

  • Built specifically for Accounting Practices
  • Fully embedded in your website
  • Lowest Merchant fee in the Industry
  • You decide what surcharge to charge your clients, if any
  • Security of Bank to Bank processing
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Exclusive Monthly Payment Option

Implementing FeeSynergy’s Payment Gateway is quick and easy. We do all the work. Not an IT project!

Collect Debtor Management System from FeeSynergy

Welcome to FeeSynergy’s flag ship offering …

FeeSynergy Collect Debtor Management solution for accountants.

Even accounting firms with skilled collections staff need great technology solutions to enable them to collect cash faster and more efficiently.

FeeSynergy Collect is a unique and powerful cloud-based Debtor Management Solution that is integrated with APS practice management system. It brings together the full suite of FeeSynergy’s best in class products.

FeeSynergy Collect is a low cost, high value, end to end system that will transform any accounting practice.

Concerned about implementing a new system? No need to be; the experienced FeeSynergy team will do all the heavy lifting to ensure that the implementation runs smoothly and with very little effort from your team.

APS sole focus is on the people, process and technology needs of our practice, they show no interest in using us as a channel partner to access our clients. This is rare to find in a software partner today.

Ainsley Coggins

Director, Accru Harris Orchard

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