Digital signing, done simply

With FuseSign, you can send multiple documents, to multiple recipients, with different permissions (view, sign or no access), all in one bundle. Saving you and your clients time, so you can focus on work that matters.

A signing solution solving process pain points

FuseSign document bundles allow each individual document to have specific settings on who needs to sign, view or not access a document within a bundle. This allows for an accountant to include all documents to do with a family group in one bundle, give everyone on the list just one email and one place to go to action what they need to, and streamline the entire process. From an administration perspective, as well as the excellent client experience, FuseSign is fast becoming the signing platform of choice by accountants across Australia and New Zealand.


FuseSign features are released frequently – for an updated list, you can go to

Granular Control

Using FuseSign you can send to as many recipients as you want with controls over who needs to sign, view or have no access to each document.

Mobile Friendly

FuseSign is 100% responsive to any device using the internet – so your clients can sign their documents from anywhere, with no username or password required.

Your Branding

Include your logos and brand colours on the notification emails as well the signing pages for your clients!

Firm Wide Customisations

Email templates, security settings, users and many more self serve configuration options are available within the FuseSign settings – making it easy for you to manage what you need to, when you need to.

Unlimited Users

FuseSign is licenced to the entire practice with ability to manage centrally at the practice discretion

2-Factor Authentication

With 2 step verification using email and phone number, your clients will be verified without needing remember any usernames or passwords!

Smart Rejection Handling

If a document in a bundle is rejected by a recipient, it simply leaves out that document so you can still finalise the remaining documents. Saving you time, money and your clients headaches of needing to sign a correct document more than once.

FuseDocs Integration

Smart document collation tool FuseDocs has the ability to send client ready packs directly from within FuseDocs to FuseSign, already set up with recipients selected straight from your practice management database!

Email Reminders

Send branded email reminders to your clients both manually and automatically (dependant on plan). This is setup so only those clients with action items are reminded – making a better experience for the rest of the recipients who have already signed what they need to.

Implementing FuseDocs and FuseSign has literally shaved days off the finalisation of that process and produced less back and forth between teams.

Sally Black

Office Manager, McCulloch & Partners

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