Aggregate client data from a range of different systems across your firm.

Xeppo is a world-first financial advisory and accounting tool that unlocks the power of big data, driving client relationships and business growth.

Take a quick tour of how Xeppo brings all your data together

Some of Xeppo’s benefits include:

•  Review and fix data discrepancies and invalid data entries that exist in your systems
•  Look at a single view of the client that shows all of the information you know about them
•  Based on your own criteria from all of the different system, apply segmentation to your clients (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

When it comes to finding opportunities to cross sell services to your existing clients, nothing does it better or quicker than Xeppo. If you know the criteria that you would need to know about a client to offer them a service, you can very easily build a list of clients that meet that criteria within Xeppo.  For example, Xeppo can produce for you a list of clients that:

a)  Are over 40 (drawn from APS Practice Management)
b)  Have a taxable income of over $75,000 (drawn from APS Tax)
c)  Have a SMSF balance of over $500,000 (drawn from Class/BGL)
d)  Don’t have life insurance (drawn from Xplan)

Once you have the list, you could run an email campaign (Xeppo integrates with Mail Chimp) to generate interest within your clients, or even start calling them to offer them a new service. If the client shows interest in that new service, you can track the progress of that opportunity and see how much potential new revenue you have in the pipeline.

There is plenty more to Xeppo than what we have written here and shown in the video.  If you’d like to know more, please register your interest.

APS Modules like Credit Management… will improve service to our clients and be more efficient for our accounts receivable staff and our finance team. It’s a win win.

Ben Trengove

Business Advisory Director, William Buck

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