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7 core skills accountants should develop and enhance

All Blog > While accountants may be well-educated professionals boasting long and prosperous careers in the industry, no one is ever beyond learning something new. The world is moving quicky when it comes to technology. Client needs, modes of working, and keeping... read more

How to better focus your workday around client work

All Blog > On any given workday you’ll have a raft of competing priorities. But there’s one focus that stands above all others – working with your clients and delivering them value. Standing in the way of client work is a tangled mix of distractions and... read more

How to create a strong cybersecurity policy

All Blog > It’s one thing to recognise the state of play: that cyber threats are on the rise and accounting firms, in particular, need to bolster their defences in order to protect their practice and their clients’ data. It’s another thing entirely to implement... read more

Five accounting trends that will shape 2021 and beyond

All Blog > Over the past few years in the accounting industry, we’ve heard a lot about increasing automation, traditional roles becoming redundant, and changes in client needs and expectations. To mitigate the potential loss of business because of these substantial... read more

Top 3 cybersecurity threats to protect against in 2021

All Blog > With greater access to new technologies and a more hyper-connected global marketplace, the trade-off is we’re working in a more dangerous cybersecurity landscape. It makes sense that certain sectors – such as banking and government – would be targeted by... read more

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