Workflow+, team collaboration for today’s accountant

Everything you need to get the job done!

Includes a free import service of client data from your PM software package such as MYOB, Xero, Sage and many others.

Team collaboration

Information, notifications  and built in threads  for seamless team collaboration


Task allocation

Tasks are assigned to the right team members based on your requirements


Job recurrence

Avoid repetitive job and task creation.


APS integration

Link your workflows with APS software you already know and love



A solution that grows with you to support multiple jobs, tasks and teams



Ensure consistency of job creation with ready to use templates

Job visibility

Drill into each job to see statuses and eliminate bottlenecks


Audit tracking

Increased transparency of job movement across teams


User privileges

Manage users simply, so the right people see the right things at the right time

Get jobs done with team collaboration

Simple Job creation allowing you to assign the job to an owner, with set budgets and due dates, so your team gets more done with less effort.

Use in-built comments and mentions to collaborate with your team on job progress, and be notified of key activities to keep everything on track.

APS Workflow+ collaboration software
for only $14.00 per user, per month.

APS Workflow+ brings your team together to manage, track, and collaborate on jobs and tasks. It’s perfect for teams looking for simple, integrated, workflow collaboration.

Effectively manage all your tasks

Have an organised place for all your tasks. Drag-and-drop tasks at any point to change status when things are done. Get notified, allocate hours, and see at a glance who is doing what, and when.

Designed for Accountants

A collaboration tool specifically designed with you, your team, and the workflow of your practice in mind

A tool your team will love

Your team will adapt to using Workflow+ quickly with its simple, easy-to-understand interface

Get support from real people

Get direct access to help from real people and resources within the Workflow+ App

The power of recurring jobs

Jobs can be set up with a schedule of recurrence. This can be set to monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual. The job budget and tasks are all copied over to the next recurrence to save time, with adjustments allowed as needed.

Integration with APS

The workflow tool integrates with your existing APS accounting software, reducing repetitive administration, streamlining your workflow, increasing efficiencies and reducing errors.

Get Started

APS Workflow+ is a breath of fresh air. With its seamless, clean look and feel, the power lies in its simplicity.

Janina Puttick

CPA, Maximum Business Solutions

I was videoed completing a few different activities, so APS was monitoring my mouse movements and eye movements. This was all to improve the usability and the UX of Workflow.

Tino Di Battista

Business Advisory and Superannuation, Nexia Australia

Future work practices in accounting:

Predictions for the coming years and the challenges ahead

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